Fee-for Value Cardiovascular Contracting

Payment Initiatives

Hospitals and physicians are transitioning from fee-for-service to fee-for-value.  Providers are challenged to improve performance while the rules are changing.

Many types of public and private payer incentive compensation models may proliferate.  CFA can help hospitals build the infrastructure needed to produce demonstrable results of marketable value.


Service Delivery
Revenue Growth


Pay-for-Performance/Fee-for-Value Contracting

CFA is prepared to assist hospitals and health systems with a range of specialty contracting models, including pay-for-performance/fee-for-value contracting and physician-hospital cardiovascular services co-management agreements.  All forms of contracting, designed to incentivize physician participation, would be included.  Whether addressing a request for bid or proactively marketing to payers and/or large employers, CFA’s cardiovascular business consultants can help to develop the appropriate response to any market opportunity.  The work to develop appropriate contractual responses to market opportunities would include the following, all customized for each specific opportunity and client situation:

  • Organization and management of the process
  • Physician education and engagement strategies
  • Service definition and baseline historical analysis
  • Development of best practice clinical protocols
  • Cost finding and cost management
  • Re-engineering of patient care
  • Formalization of the bundle and specifics of product offering
  • Preparation of formal bids
  • Monitoring, tracking and feedback mechanisms
  • Other/Miscellaneous specific to the opportunity

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