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CV Information System

Today’s cardiac cath labs, noninvasive cardiology and vascular departments must manage and store extensive amounts of patient data each day. The cardiovascular medical staff requires patient procedure data and imaging files to be available timely and accurately to allow the physicians to report findings and develop a treatment plan, in an efficient manner. It is optimal to have the physician reporting completed in an electronic structured report to assist in the accuracy and timeliness of the record. Add to this the requirements for CMS meaningful use compliance, and the penalties that come with the lack of compliance, and it is clear that a reliable and robust Cardiovascular Information System (CVIS) is a must for a contemporary cardiovascular program.

Most hospitals have selected and invested in state of the art data collection and reporting systems for their cath lab which offer structured reporting either with or without PACS archival. However, if the technology is not optimized and interfaced correctly with the hospital health information system (HIS), or structured reporting templates are not designed and customized to the physicians’ liking, or the technology is not set up correctly to support the clinical workflow of the department, it will not be utilized by the physicians at all or in an ineffective fashion.  This creates additional work for the staff as they must develop time consuming workarounds in order to get data into the hospital’s Health Information System (HIS).


The Solution to the CVIS Challenge

CFA offers Cardiovascular Information Systems (CVIS) consulting and integration services staffed with an experienced consulting specialty team.  The CFA CVIS consulting team offers cardiovascular information systems consulting services designed to optimize the hospital’s cardiovascular data information and PACS technology systems, improve operations and workflow efficiency.

CFA CVIS Consulting Services Include:

  • Comprehensive cardiology department and cardiac cath lab CVIS technology assessment
  • Clinical workflow assessment, analysis, recommendations and implementation support
  • Expert template design, customization and modification
  • Systems integration
  • Staff and physician education and training
  • Technology and workflow process optimization
  • Achieving structured reporting within the cardiology, cardiac cath lab and vascular services working environment 

Key Features of the CFA CVIS Consulting Process:

  • A Project Manager Specialist will be assigned to each CVIS implementation project
  • Experienced CVIS Administrator and Cardiovascular PACS (CPACS) Administrator support for the project and longer term as needed
  • Training and education for super-users on report template creation, clinical applications and managing systems
  • Training and education provided for physicians and technicians on use and workflow of structured reporting and applications.
  • Provide clinical workflow training for staff on the hemodynamics systems in the cardiac cath lab following the integration with cath reporting.
  • Adult and Pediatric Cardiac Catheterization, Vascular and Echo Report Templates modification and customization
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