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Healthcare Delivery Systems

To prepare for tomorrow’s model, healthcare systems will need to broaden their perspective.

Senior consulting staff members of Charles Franc & Associates (CFA) have made significant impacts in U.S. healthcare by providing innovative solutions to healthcare delivery systems consulting and development. Ronald Osborne, its Vice President, has forty years of experience in healthcare, managed care and healthcare delivery systems and general business operations management. Mr. Osborne brings his full breadth of knowledge in creating and managing patient centered access to healthcare through effective delivery systems to consulting engagements.

The term “delivery systems” is broadly defined as corridors or structured paths for patient access to healthcare services. Examples in the U.S. include payment systems both private and government sectors:

  • Structured provider hospital/physician) networks, structured primary care service outlets (independent physicians, physician groups, clinics, primary imaging centers, etc.) payer group contracting, contractual arrangements with large insurance companies and other large corporations and payer groups, and innovative means of creating patient usage of a particular provider or patient access to an individual provider or groups of providers.
  • Having extensive experience in all these areas, CFA senior team members have helped many U.S. hospitals and health systems increase their patient volume by providing expert assistance in determining their unique needs in the market and in developing creative delivery systems adapted to meet the unique needs of each provider client.

Healthcare Delivery Solutions

  • Strategic Planning and New Business Model Implementation
    • What do you want to be?
    • How do you get there?
  • Bundled Pricing - Bundled payments are a powerful tool for aligning incentives, keeping costs in check, and achieving better outcomes and attracting additional contracted patient volume.
  • Contracted Physician Networks for Workers’ Compensation - Providing discounted rates for Payers and driving increased patient volume for Providers.
  • Cost Improvement - By aligning with what patients, payers, and employers truly value, organizations can differentiate themselves and succeed.
  • Centers-of Excellence (COE) Contracting and Development - Healthcare purchasers and consumers are more focused than ever on evaluating the comparative cost and quality of care. Employers and payers are already steering patients to the most cost-effective and safest providers with carve-out arrangements and reference pricing.
  • Organizational InfrastructureWhat do you need to sustain performance?
  • Service Lines - Developing and Implementing a Service Line strategy can be an effective growth platform, driving increased patient volume, market share, and superior margins.
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