Cardiovascular Consulting Services


CFA works exclusively in cardiovascular (CV) services with clients including hospitals and health systems, clinics, physician practices and healthcare-related firms. 

CFA’s staff has conducted more than 350 cardiovascular services improvement/development engagements in the U.S. and abroad

Conservatively, through the CFA team’s consulting engagements, CFA has had the opportunity to positively impact the quality, accessibility and scope of cardiovascular care available to more than 25% of the U.S. population. (Learn More)



Senior CFA team members have managed cardiovascular physician practices (cardiology, cardiothoracic surgery) and as consultants, have advised client physician groups in the areas of group mergers, transitioning from independent private practice to employed positions, strategic market positioning, operations improvement and many other aspects of physician practice development and management. (Learn More)




In many countries, the provision of health care services, and in particular, cardiovascular services, has not reached the level of international best medical practices

Clinical capabilities and outcomes, management expertise and organizational function vary greatly around the world. CFA’s objective is to help bring these organizations up to par with current best practices, often with the ultimate goal of attaining JCI accreditation.

 The CFA staff is one of the most experienced teams in the U.S. in the assessment, development and implementation of interventional cardiology and cardiothoracic surgery services. (Learn More)




Supply Chain ManagementThe ever-increasing cost of hospital operations means administrations must work harder to understand and control the ways in which money is spent.

The unfortunate fact is, many seemingly opposing forces within a hospital ecosystem can often work against supply chain efficiency, losing a hospital millions of dollars each year.

CFA team members have lived and studied this problem in depth across dozens of hospitals and ultimately developed a supply chain scaffold that  reduces expense, improves operational performance and allows previously lost revenue to fall directly to the bottom line where it belongs. (Learn More) 



CVIS_Optimization_and_Effective_Structured_Reporting_blog_image-649748-edited.jpgCFA’s experienced specialty consulting team offers cardiovascular information system consulting (CVIS) services designed to optimize your hospital’s cardiovascular data information and PACS technology systems, improve operational workflow and achieve structured reporting within cardiology and the cardiac cath lab.
 (Learn More)




shutterstock_233628424.jpgCFA's proven methodology and approach to the planning and development of new and innovative clinical cardiovascular services provide our clients detailed insights and comprehensive, peer-reviewed research into new and emerging clinical procedures, techniques and treatments.

We help you identify the best customized solutions for your organization. (Learn More)




shutterstock_151145456.jpgCFA's proven processes and analytics will prepare you for the current/future generation of reimbursement initiatives.

We provide expert guidance in Cardiovascular Services Bundled Pricing, Pay for Performance/Fee for Value Programs, MACRA, and other evolving payment methodologies. (Learn More)