Low Volume Cardiac Surgery Programs:
The Need for Next Generation Assessment

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Low-Volume Cardiac Surgery Programs: Grow, Consolidate or Divest?

Self-Preservation Strategies and Excellence Expectations – An Updated & Expanded White Paper

Low-volume cardiac surgery programs (LVCSP) continue to be problematic for a large and expanding number of American hospitals.

This white paper provides an overview of the issues that low-volume cardiac surgery programs face that hospital executives and service line administrators like you should be aware of and includes the following topics:


  • Can Low-Volume Cardiac Surgery Programs Be Excellent?
  • Low-Volume Cardiac Surgery Program “Excellence”
  • The Need for Next Generation Assessment
  • The “Leakage” Issue
  • Consolidation or Divestiture as an Alternative Endpoint - “Unwinding” a Low-Volume Cardiac Surgery Program
  • Some Key Findings from CFA’s Work with Low-Volume Cardiac Surgery Programs
  • CFA’s 4-Step Approach to Low-Volume Cardiac Surgery Program Assessment

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