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International Consulting Service

CV programs face a number of challenges as they attempt to grow their business in the face of changing reimbursement and increased competition.

To maintain a growth focus requires thoughtful strategic and business plans that can be revisited in the face of day-to-day operational pressures.



Service Delivery

Revenue Growth

Strategic and Business Planning; Market Assessment and Marketing Plans

  • Designed to mitigate competitive threats; take advantage of opportunities; and identify key success factors, clinical services development opportunities, and program additions pertinent to your location
  • Based on market/environmental assessment; local, regional, and national trends; regional medical community support evaluation; technological trends/projections; cultural and sociological analysis
  • Includes vision refinement/development; detailed demand forecasting; preliminary financial forecasts; competitor impact analysis; SWOT analysis; marketing strategy, tactic development, and marketing budget
  • Understanding of laws, regulations and guidelines applicable to licensure, establishment and ongoing regulation and development of health care facilities and programs in your country/region
  • Accommodates foreign language barriers; foreign business customs and methodologies; foreign market assessment
  • Pertinent regulatory and legal analysis (national, regional, local)
  • Pertinent payer system interface
  • Clinical analysis (e.g., comparison to western medicine and technology)
  • Financial (costs, reimbursement, construction, pay scales, etc.)
  • Managerial analysis (e.g., comparison to western-style management and governance)
  • Other factors (e.g., medical tourism potential)

 New Program/Service Feasibility Assessment

  • Comprehensive Feasibility Assessment, from multiple perspectives: Strategic, Clinical, Operational, Financial and Political
  • Includes market/environmental assessment; local, regional and national trends; technological trends/projections; detailed demand forecasting; competitor impact analysis; alternative technology scenarios; facilities and equipment requirements; capital budget; and financial proformas
  • Certificate of Need, licensure and certification support; strategic defense to competitor arguments; state hearing preparation and support; expert testimony
  • Implementation planning, coordination and oversight, including policies and procedures, job descriptions, physician and staff recruitment
  • Range of Programs/Services: Cardiac and Thoracic Surgery; Hybrid OR/TAVR Program/Valve Clinic; Vascular and Endovascular Services; Interventional Cardiology and Vascular Laboratory; PCI without surgery-on-site; Cardiac Rhythm Management/Electrophysiology/Arrhythmia Program; Adult Congenital Heart Disease; CHF Programs and Clinics; Women’s Heart Services; Sports Cardiology; Adult and Pediatric Programs; Screening, Early Detection and Prevention Programs; Advanced Imaging

 Technology, Equipment and Facilities Planning

  • Facility designs that ensure reasonable service provision, match volume of services, support patient and physician satisfaction, promote efficiency and flexibility of operation, and anticipate changes in technology
  • Initial layout and schematic design in coordination with healthcare architects and engineers; construction document development; technology assessment and planning; equipment specifications
  • Remodels and new construction; inpatient and outpatient
  • Technology assessment and planning
  • Equipment specifications
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