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Hospital/Health System Services

Effective and efficient operations are of equal import to CV programs competing in today’s environment of increased focus on financial performance.

Activities that focus on value chain management, data collection/ management, and technology/ equipment/ facilities planning are key components of successful operations.


Efficiency & Effectiveness

Data Management

Right Sizing

Supply (“Value”) Chain

  • “Cost-quality-outcomes” philosophy of value chain management that provides data-based and actionable metrics/benchmarks, along with validated savings opportunities
  • Based on evidence-based best practices; provides ongoing goal tracking and feedback
  • Cost savings result from a robust analysis of CV operations, procurement practices, supply sourcing, physician preferences, outsourcing opportunities
  • The sustainable value analysis process engages clinicians in cost reduction, creates best practices, streamlines operations, and fosters teamwork, education and cooperation 

Operational Efficiency, Effectiveness, Creativity and Productivity

  • Operational Assessment to identify opportunities to enhance operational efficiencies and improve clinical outcomes.
  • Cost Finding and Cost Accounting System Development using activity-based costing techniques 

CVIS; Data Collection and Management

  • CFA promotes a CVIS Vision/Strategy that integrates shared data, supports clinical operations/quality, and supports research, along with a performance improvement management system to track, report and distribute hospital-defined key performance metrics
  • Systems capabilities include point-of-care data entry; hospital and program specific key performance metrics; integration of all key (disparate) databases; user-friendly interfaces, queries and reporting; timeliness; “true” cost accounting information; meets internal and external reporting requirements
  • CFA conducts a CVIS Assessment and develops a Project Plan, including clinical workflow process efficiency documentation, definition of reporting elements, and an implementation plan
  • Customized report templates, staff/physician education, optimized CVIS integration with Epic and other hospital systems
  • CFA’s wide-ranging qualifications include image and data storage products, cardiac cath lab monitoring systems, and imaging modalities
  • Metrics for financial performance, operations, clinical outcomes and business development 

Technology, Equipment and Facilities Planning

  • Facility designs that ensure reasonable service provision, match volume of services, support patient and physician satisfaction, promote efficiency and flexibility of operation, and anticipate changes in technology
  • Initial layout and schematic design; construction document development
  • Remodels and new construction; inpatient and outpatient
  • Technology assessment and planning; equipment specifications 


  • CFA assists in assessing distribution of programs and services, including multiple facilities and geography
  • Efforts are designed to maximize operational efficiency, improve patient access and increase financial return 

Performance-Based COE

  • Designed to enhance clinical quality, physician engagement, and patient experience; reduce costs; and optimize organizational performance
  • Includes service line assessment comparing your program to performance-based COE criteria
  • Incorporates benchmarking, best practices, standardization, micro-costing; improved clinical data management, organization and management optimization
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