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Charles Franc - President, CFA


As the Founder and President of Charles Franc & Associates, Charles is responsible for all business operations and the overall success and growth of the company. Charles has over 30 years of healthcare, hospital and consulting experience in administration, technical and clinical areas. 

Mr. Franc also has over 25 years of experience in the delivery of cardiovascular medicine. In addition to previous responsibilities as a Principal and Senior Vice President of Cardiovascular Consulting Services when working for a national healthcare consulting firm, his last hospital-based position was Director of Cardiology for a large tertiary cardiovacular hospital in Southern California.

Focusing on the strategic, organizational and operational aspects of cardiovascular services, Mr. Franc has consulted with hospitals, physicians, medical groups and medical equipment manufacturers.

Publishing and Public Speaking

Mr. Franc coauthored the following publications:

  • Successful Management Strategies in Cardiovascular Services
  • Developing Effective Invasive Cardiology Services
  • The Complete Guide to Strategic Marketing for the Cardiovascular Service Line

Each of these works were published by the American Hospital Association. Additionally, Charles is a frequent lecturer in the field of cardiovascular services planning and management, specializing in the areas of clinical program assessment and development and in effectively positioning cardiovascular services for managed care.


“Years of experience in the clinical and management aspects of cardiovascular services, focuses my consulting work not only on effective strategic and business solutions for clients, but also on the integration of strong clinical quality initiatives into our engagements.”

- Charles Franc, CEO