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Today's healthcare organizations are challenged by declining reimbursements and under pressure to reduce operating costs and improve clinical outcomes. 

Maximize the value of your Supply Chain by shifting the focus from transactional competence to strategic excellence.  We can show you how.



Reduce Expenses
Operational Improvements
Increase Profits


Cost Containment

Healthcare supply chain costs are the second largest and fastest growing operational expense for hospitals.  Targeting supply chain costs and other operating expense will yield significant operational performance and strengthen financial performance.

  • Expense reduction - Build a best-in-class supply chain that focuses on operational efficiencies and total cost of ownership; improve quality through increased compliance and reduce organizational risk; improve patient outcomes that embraces integration to reduce errors and streamline procurement via automation. 

  • Performance Improvement – KPI metrics are used to manage how the organization is performing and make data-driven decisions that delivers tangible results. Improve the decision-making process and create a sustainable forward-moving trajectory for effective financial, operational and clinical change.

  • Clinical integration - With the changing landscape of supply chain management, clinical integration is essential; a clinically integrated supply chain supports evidence-based care and drives improved efficiency.

  • Product Utilization - Change how products and services are purchased from a price-focused, nonclinical approach to a fact-based, objective assessment, with high-quality care and physician buy-in.

  • Inventory Optimization – Predictive analytics with LEAN process re-engineering that optimizes the “demand chain”. Increase product availability, maximize space utilization, increase provider satisfaction, shift nursing’s focus to patient care, improve productivity and efficiency, and optimize inventory investment.


Operational Performance

Operational excellence is no longer a desired end state but a requirement for success. Fuel performance for the future rather than assessing it in the past.

  • Focused operational efforts (establish performance measures and process controls)
  • Targeted performance measures (productivity, revenue, satisfaction, compliance)
  • Optimize workflow (centralized processes, establish control mechanisms)
  • Actionable results and sustainable processes


Financial Performance

The demands and expectations of today’s hospital CFO reflect the changing priorities of the organization and the evolution of healthcare reimbursement. Hospitals and healthcare organizations are challenged by unprecedented financial pressures to control costs and identify new revenue opportunities. Look beyond the low-hanging fruit and implement game changing strategies to achieve sustainable results.

  • Proven strategies for expense reduction
  • Clinical, operational, and supply cost data (evidence-based care)
  • Maximize Technology and Data (CDM and Item Master)
  • Benchmarks and KPIs


Value Analysis

Develop creative ways to bring physicians to the table by implementing a clinically integrated supply chain; clinical best practice to achieve optimum outcomes in the most cost-effective way. Delivering the right product, at the right time, at the right price.

  • Clinically integrated Supply Chain
  • Enhance patient care, improve quality and clinical outcomes
  • Physician engagement
  • Data and analytics to support strategy and the decision-making process


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Changes in healthcare requirements have severely impacted hospital earnings so optimizing hospital spend at every stage has become critical. Every dollar saved goes straight to the bottom line, and we have solutions that maximize this through:

  • Cost containment initiatives
  • Optimizing operational performance
  • KPI metrics that maximize financial performance
  • Physician participation and buy-in

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