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Physician Practice/Medical Group Service

Ensuring that your practice setting meets both group and individual physician goals is key to long term success.

Internal practice integration, as well as integration with other hospital and non-hospital providers, is critical to CV group practice efficiency and effectiveness. Integration approaches can involve affiliations with other organizations or formal internal efforts designed to promote practice cohesion.




Career Path


Affiliations, Mergers and Acquisitions, Divestitures

  • Feasibility and appropriateness assessment, incorporating political, organizational, market, financial, operational, and individual physician perspectives
  • Group mergers, potential divestitures
  • Development of agreement and/or divestiture documents; coordination with legal counsel

 Organizational/Managerial Structure; Group Leadership Style/Effectiveness

  • Practice Integration Planning from strategic, financial and operational perspectives
  • Practice Restructure Plan Development
  • Environmental, practice operations and group governance assessments
  • Leadership assessments; leadership education, approaches, styles

 Practice Philosophy; Career Path; Recruitment/Succession Planning

  • Individualized counsel regarding career path, retirement planning
  • Practice philosophy evaluation; group profile/capabilities appraisal; strategic positioning; physician needs assessment; practice succession plan
  • Position descriptions, postings; compensation surveys and recommendations
  • Candidate evaluation – telephone and on site interviews, background and reference checks
  • Recruitment process management/oversight/negotiations
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