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Physician Practice/Medical Group Service

Maintaining and enhancing practice financial performance and individual physician incomes are critical to long term success for the CV group.

Ensuring that your practice operates at peak efficiency provides a foundation for solid financial performance.


Operational Assessment

Best Practices

Performance Improvement

Confidential Operational Assessment; Practice Profile Report

  • Evaluation of internal group management/operations to increase efficiency, improve financial performance, increase physician productivity, enhance space utilization, improve employee morale
  • The CFA Customized CV Practice Profile addresses unique practice challenges and operating environments and includes:
  • Thorough analysis of all pertinent practice data; review of pertinent state/federal healthcare market data to understand the local/regional market
  • On-site initial and ongoing assessment/interviews/consultation(s) with all stakeholders
  • Evidence–based, best practice review
  • Benchmarks your overall practice performance with like groups locally and nationwide
  • Practice Profile Report with action steps and best practice solutions

 Operating Model/Practice Configuration/Culture

  • Practice’s vision/goals vs. operating configuration; practice integration planning (strategic, financial and operational levels)
  • Practice operations assessments; group governance assessments

 IT Infrastructure

  • IT needs assessment: financial, operational and clinical information management
  • Information System infrastructure; hardware and software; upgrade requirements; initial purchase and startup costs

 Evidence-Based, Best Practice Review; Benchmarks

  • Practice performance vs. like groups locally and nationwide
  • Ratio analysis (per physician FTE)
    • Procedures
    • Patient visits
    • Revenues and costs
    • Staffing
    • Office space
    • Collection ratios; A/R

 Practice Operational/Financial Performance Improvement

  • Reimbursement enhancement, new revenue sources, billing and collections, A/R management, insurance processing; coding, reimbursement, Medical Records
  • Physician and staff productivity improvement; staffing levels vs. benchmarks
  • Streamline operations and work flow; reduce overhead; improve scheduling; enhance patient flow/access and patient satisfaction

 Support Staff Capabilities; Interim Practice Management; Staff Recruitment

  • Assess staff capabilities; staffing levels vs. practice volume; benchmarking with comparable practices
  • Identification of required new positions; development of job description/position specifications; professional contracts and agreements
  • Physician and staff prequalification, interviews and selection assistance
  • Interim management services:  full/part-time, short or long term, on or off site
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