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Hospital/Health System Services

To effectively compete in today’s marketplace, physician/hospital alignment is more critical than ever for CV programs.

Working in tandem with your CV medical staff to align strategic, political, operational and financial goals and integrate these goals into daily operations is paramount.


Goal Congruency


Organizational Excellence

Mergers, Acquisitions, Joint-Ventures

  • Feasibility/appropriateness assessment from multiple perspectives: Political, Strategic, Organizational, Market, Financial, Operational
  • Conceptual discussions with potential partners
  • Agreement documents; coordination with legal counsel

 Physician-Hospital Alignment:  Co-Management Programs, PSAs

  • Align strategic, operational and financial incentives between hospital and physicians to neutralize physician competition with hospitals for outpatient business; gain competitive advantage; retain and expand market share; reduce competitive risk; prevent predatory recruitment of physicians; improve performance and profitability
  • CFA can provide a metrics-driven operations improvement platform within a physician-led culture; negotiate terms, conditions, and expectations of the participants; set benchmarks and timeframes; determine key deliverables or “targets of opportunity;” engage/catalyze physician expertise/experience; provide measurability, objectivity, and timeliness
  • Customized cardiovascular physician integration strategies include pay-for-performance, gainsharing, joint ventures, co-management agreements, professional/managerial service agreements

 Recruitment of Physicians

  • Identification of required new positions; position descriptions, job specifications and postings; compensation surveys and recommendations
  • Candidate evaluation, including telephone and on site interviews; background and reference checks
  • Recruitment process management/oversight; selection process assistance and recommendations; professional contracts and agreements

Clinical Best Practices/Standardization/Benchmarking 

  • Provides an ongoing management and feedback mechanism to enhance system capabilities, identify and mitigate cost-drivers, and eliminate redundancies
  • Standardize care, as clinically appropriate, through: evidence-based medicine; best practices; indications/appropriateness criteria for procedure/admission; matching patient to modality/treatment; CV patient registries; outcome indicators; hospital admission/discharge criteria; pre-printed physician orders; patient and family educational materials; protocols, guidelines and algorithms; physician compliance; information system support; staff education
  • Eliminate medical errors and enhance performance through aggressive quality improvement programs; high reliability organization (HRO) processes; internal and external benchmarking with dashboards
  • Recruitment process management/oversight; selection process assistance and recommendations; professional contracts and agreements

Organizational/Managerial Structure

  • Designed to serve the overall goals and objectives of the enterprise, foster high levels of communication, enhance physician collaboration, enable timely consensus-based decision making, empower stakeholders, and provide a structural framework for developing opportunities
  • Incorporates strategic, organizational, operational and financial elements
  • Potential affiliation strategies with physicians include medical directorships, economic joint ventures, pay-for-performance programs, gainsharing, Management or Professional Service Agreements
  • Heart and Vascular Center, Cardiovascular Center of Excellence (COE), freestanding Cardiac Diagnostic Center, other ventures
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