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International Consulting Service

To maximize success in today’s environment requires effective and efficient management, organized in a way that enhances CV program and hospital performance.

Our international experience working with hospitals on CV program development in a variety of settings, as well as our extensive U.S. foundation, positions CFA to assist our clients.


Organizational Design


Clinical Performance

Organizational/Management Structure

  • Designed to serve the overall goals and objectives of the enterprise, foster high levels of communication, enhance physician collaboration, enable timely consensus-based decision making, empower stakeholders, and provide a structural framework for developing opportunities
  • Incorporates strategic, organizational, operational and financial elements
  • Potential affiliation strategies with physicians include medical directorships, economic joint ventures, pay-for-performance programs, gainsharing, Management or Professional Service Agreements
  • Heart and Vascular Center, Cardiovascular Center of Excellence (COE), freestanding Cardiac Diagnostic Center, other ventures

 Performance-Based COE Design/Development

  • Designed to enhance clinical quality, physician engagement, and patient experience; reduce costs; and optimize organizational performance
  • Includes service line assessment comparing your program to performance-based COE criteria
  • Incorporates benchmarking, best practices, standardization, micro-costing; improved clinical data management, organization and management optimization
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