Bundled Payment for Cardiovascular Procedures

Payment Initiatives

Payment model reform continues to incorporate bundled payments, challenging hospitals to ramp-up their capabilities to efficiently manage complex care in the hospital, and into post-acute care, for a fixed fee.

CFA can assist hospitals (and their PAC partners) to fine-tune their performance – financial, operational, and clinical – to thrive under bundling.


Process Management
Product Offering

Feedback Mechanisms


Bundled Payment for Cardiovascular Procedures

CFA is prepared to assist hospitals and health systems with planning for and developing bundled payment offerings for select cardiovascular services.  Whether this is in anticipation of the proposed mandatory Medicare cardiac bundle, or for other payers or employers, bundled payments can be developed with or without physician components and including or excluding post-discharge care.  The work to develop appropriate bundles would include the following, all customized for each specific opportunity and client situation:

  • Organization and management of the process
  • Physician education and engagement strategies
  • Service definition and Baseline historical analysis
  • Post-Acute Care network development (as applicable)
  • Development of best practice clinical protocols
  • Cost finding and cost management
  • Re-engineering of patient care
  • Care transition
  • Formalization of the bundle and specifics of product offering
  • Monitoring, tracking and feedback mechanisms
  • Other/Miscellaneous specific to the opportunity

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