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EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY: CMS Publishes New National Coverage Determination for TAVR Reimbursement

As Market Entry Barriers Decrease, Is TAVR Right for Your Hospital? Part One of Two Parts

Quarterly Cardiovascular News Update and Implications

CMS Proposed New TAVR Coverage Decision Memo:  A Gift to Low-Volume Cardiac Surgery Programs?

Low-Volume Cardiac Surgery Programs:  Mitral Valve Surgery Trends and Implications

CT Coronary Artery Calcium Scoring Revisited:  One Hospital’s Successful Cardiac Screening Program

Cardiothoracic Surgeon Compensation in a Low-Volume Cardiac Surgery (LVCS) Setting: Part 2

Cardiothoracic Surgeon Compensation in a Low Volume Cardiac Surgery (LVCS) Setting: Part 1

Cardiovascular Program Strategy:  TAVR for All Moves Ever Closer

Could New TAVR Volume Criteria Open the Competitive Floodgate?

The Importance of Effective Hospital-Physician Negotiation - Part Two

Low-Volume Cardiac Surgery Programs: Cardiac Valve Surgery Trends and Implications

The Importance of Effective Hospital-Physician Negotiation - Part I

Rethinking Ambulatory Cardiovascular Strategy:  Part Two – Example Approaches

Rethinking Ambulatory Cardiovascular Strategy:  Part One – The Big Picture

Cardiovascular Center of Excellence Accreditation as Strategy

Cardiovascular Center of Excellence Accreditation Opportunities Expanding

Bundled Payment for Cardiac Services: “Why would we want to do that?”

CMS Announces New Voluntary Advanced Bundled Payment Model for Ten Cardiac Clinical Episodes

2017: What a Year It Was and What the New Year May Bring!

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CMS Final Rule Released Ending the Mandatory Cardiac Bundled Payment Initiative

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Can Low-Volume Cardiac Surgery Programs be Excellent? A 2017 Update

Fifth in a Series: “Unwinding” a Low-Volume Cardiac Surgery Program

Fourth in a Series: Low-Volume Cardiac Surgery Programs – The “Leakage” Issue

Breaking News:  Another Signal of the End of the Cardiac Bundled Pricing Initiative Era

Third in a Series:  Low-Volume Cardiac Surgery Programs as Centers of Excellence

Cardiac Services Expansion Part 2: An Increasing Appetite for Cardiovascular Program Growth

Breaking News:  CMS Proposes Cancelling the Cardiac Bundled Payment Model

Cardiac Services Expansion Part 1: An Increasing Appetite for Cardiovascular Program Growth

Second in a Series: Low-Volume Cardiac Surgery Programs – Looking “Behind” the Numbers

Low-Volume Cardiac Surgery Program "Excellence"

The National Low Volume Cardiac Surgery Conundrum

Innovative Pathways of Care Can Reduce Resource Utilization, Enhance Quality

CMS Delays Cardiac Bundled Payment Model

Why Many Hospital CFOs Are More Optimistic About the Future

New Rationale for Heart and Vascular Services Integration

Episode of Care (EOC) and Bundled Pricing:  Baseline EOC Analyses, Part 2

Developing an Episodes of Care Mindset, Part 1

Medicare Cardiac Bundles:  Mandatory vs. Voluntary

Mandatory Medicare Cardiac Bundles:  Final Regulations (Possibly)

The Challenge of Optimizing Cardiovascular Information Systems (CVIS)

Denton Arthur Cooley, MD, August 22, 1920 - November 18, 2016

Can Low Volume Cardiac Surgery Programs be Excellent?

Effective Planning for Cardiovascular Services Consolidation

Proposed Mandatory Medicare Cardiac Bundles:  The Pushback Begins

MACRA Implementation Continues to Evolve

CFA is 21 Years Old!

Medicare CV Bundled Payment Results to Date – A Mixed Bag

Is Exercise a Cure?

Medicare Incentive Payments for Cardiac Rehabilitation

Cardiovascular Services Operational Efficiency - Part 1

Medicare Bundled Payment for Cardiac Procedures to Start in 2017

TAVR for Low-Risk Patients:  Is TAVR Suitable for Everyone?

Adult Congenital Heart Disease Affects 1.4 Million in U.S.

More Evidence Points to Inevitability of Bundled Payment for Cardiac Procedures[1]

Cardiovascular Information System (CVIS) Optimization and Effective Structured Reporting

Cardiovascular Development Strategy -- New Principles in the Value-Based Environment (Part 2)

Cardiovascular Development Strategy -- New Principles in the Value-Based Environment (Part 1)

Maintaining/Defending a Clinical Service in Declining Cardiovascular Markets

The Challenge of Patient Experience

A Simple Definition of “Value Equation”

Cardiovascular Affiliation with a Name Brand…Valuable Strategy for My Program?

Heart Disease Disparities – Some Progress

Episodes of Care:  Can Hearts Be Far Behind?

PARTNER II SAPIEN 3 Trial – TAVR Outperforms SAVR – Again!

Remember the “Vascular” in “Cardiovascular!” 6 Program Considerations

Six Keys to Successful Negotiation with Your Hospital

Are My Cardiovascular Services Marketing Efforts Working?

What Kind of Care Would You Want if You Were The Patient?

Isn’t Life Strange?  Cardiovascular Services Cost Management

Cardiology and Population Health Management

Preparation to Enter the Cardiovascular Bundled Pricing Market

An Ounce of Prevention

The Future of Low Volume Cardiac Surgery Programs in California

What To Do Before You Build That Hybrid OR

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What is a “High-Value” Physician – CV Providers and ACOs – Part One

Bundling for Ortho Payment Means Cardiovascular Isn’t Far Behind

Are You Considering Consolidating (Rationalizing) Clinical Services Across Your Health System? Consider these 12 Key Questions

California Elective PCI Program Update on Application Process

Health, Wellness, Compliance and Evolving Legality

Regulation Changes to Allow California Hospitals with Cardiac Cath Labs to Perform Elective Percutaneous Coronary Interventions (PCI) without Cardiac Surgery-on-Site

National Progress; Personal Losses

Opportunities for Hospital Savings in the Cardiovascular Service Line

Have You Been “Narrow-Networked” Yet?

Nobody Told the Specialists

Rational Regionalization of Cardiac Services

Challenges in Hospital Facilities Planning

The Future Started Yesterday

Elective PCI without SOS Debate Continues

Physician Employment Isn’t Always Equal to Alignment

CFA’s New Book on Cardiovascular Service Line Strategic Marketing

HealthLeaders Media to Publish New CFA Cardiovascular Service Line Marketing Book

New Study Cites Safety of Same-Day Discharge for Elective PCI

Cardiovascular Specialists and the Patient-Centered Medical Home Model

Coronary CT - Why Isn’t its Usage Soaring?

The CFA Perspective: Physician/Hospital Integration and Pushback

The Re-emergence of the Center Of Excellence

SYNTAX Trial – Is CABG Underused?

Public Release of Online CABG Report Cards

Study Demonstrates that the U.S. AMI Rate Is Decreasing

Physician/Hospital Alignment: Bundled Payment – Part III: California

Physician/Hospital Alignment and Bundled Payment – Part Two

Physician/Hospital Alignment and Bundled Payment – Part One

Is the Heart Hospital Dead? (Well…Maybe)

The Transradial Approach to PCI – A “Win-Win” for Everybody?

Clinical Performance Improvement: “The Best Measure of Outcome is Outcome”

Cardiovascular CT in the ED – The CT-STAT Trial

2010 is Here and “Most Cardiologists Lose, Some Lose Big”

Poll Indicates Cardiologists More Likely to Integrate with Hospitals

Advanced Cardiovascular Imaging (CCTA) – A Critical Technology?

Hospital and Physician Alignment in the Cardiovascular Enterprise